October 27-30, 2017

FADONA Leadership Cruise

Sailing to Your True Leadership Potential Workshop

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Leadership Guru: Earl Suttle, Ph.D.
Best-Selling Motivational Author, Motivational Speaker and Business Consultant Founder and Chairman, Leadership Success International
Dr. Earl Suttle was a featured speaker at Carrying the Torch of Leadership 2016. Here is what attendees said:
  • Excellent program, needs to come back!
  • Excellent motivational speaker
  • Dynamic speaker
  • We need to celebrate our employees!
  • Amazing speaker!
  • Motivating!! Dr. Earl should be an all-day session. He is so alive!! Great session.
  • Excellent speaker and motivator
  • Dr. Earl did an amazing job!
  • High energy - very helpful! :)
  • The Best!!!!
  • Excellent motivational speaker
  • Very informative, energetic, enthusiastic, interactive. Simply great presentation!
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  • Loved the whole presentation! Learned so much!
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  • So full of energy - WOW!
  • Positive people person
  • Outstanding-very thought provoking and applicable to the audience.
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Dr. Earl Suttle is the CEO and founder of Leadership Success International, LLC, an international consulting and training company based in Atlanta, GA, that works with businesses and organizations to increase their profits and productivity through developing their people.

As a business consultant and dynamic entertaining keynote professional speaker, Dr. Suttle delivers numerous presentations throughout the year in the United States and South Africa. He is a best-selling author of five books with Dr. John Hubbard; Earl's Pearls on Enjoying Excellence, Preparing for and Managing HighRisk Situations in the Lives of College Athletes (An Athlete's Guide), Preparing For and Managing High-Risk Situations in the Lives of Professional Athletes (A Player's Guide), Great Life Choices for Teens (Who Want to Make a Difference) and their newest Stressed to Blessed. All books have received rave reviews. He also has produced a number of CDs and DVDs on leadership and professional and personal development."Empowerment through education and enthusiasm" is the mission statement of his company.

He has conducted keynote addresses and seminars for many corporations such as Aflac Insurance, AT&T Corporation, Delta Air Lines, The Coca-Cola Company, American Express, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, United States Postal Service, Kraft Foods, Toyota, The Hartford Insurance Group, Wells Fargo Bank, Walmart, General Motors, Georgia Department of Labor, Cobb EMC, Anheuser-Busch Companies, The University of Alabama, The University of Georgia, The University of Florida, The University of Arkansas, Bartow County Government, FADONA, and many more.

Dr. Suttle is also a consultant to the National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football League (NFL) and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) where he works directly with the players. Dr. Suttle has also been featured on CNN, Ebony Magazine and In-Style Magazine.

1. Your Attitude Determines Your Success

Your attitude is not everything, but it is the main thing that makes a difference in your success in life. This session focuses on how to develop more positive attitudes in the workplace and how to neutralize any negativity that may be lurking in the hearts and minds of your team members. We'll look at five diseases of negative attitudes and five attitudes that help ease the way to success. You'll also gain a better understanding of change in the workplace and become change-skilled in handling it.

These are some highlights of this session*:

  • How to deal with difficult people
  • How to enhance your personal power with others
  • How to understand 4 areas of energy needed to transform your work performance
  • Better understand the key benefits of rest, renewal, and recovery to increase your vitality at work and improve your health
  • 4 ways to be more innovative during challenging times
  • 5 Diseases of Negative Attitudes (Roadblocks to your success)
  • 4 Accountabilities important for job success
  • 5 Attitude remedies to get a better attitude
  • 5 ways to be your best at work
  • How to understand change and how to become change-skilled to improve work performance
  • How to be brilliant during uncertain times
  • How to establish your own personal growth plan and stay motivated in your workplace
  • Ways to raise positivity and happiness levels with your department
  • 6 ways to reach your potential
  • How to build better team trust
  • Fresh ideas to motivate yourself and stay motivated to perform at higher levels
  • How to boost morale during changing times

2. Mastering Your Stress for Better Success

Mastering your stress means that you don't allow stress to manipulate you; you make it work to your advantage. In this interactive program, you will learn how to regain your personal power through effective techniques and strategies that will improve your wellbeing on the job and at home.

These are some highlights of this session*:

  • How to identify the early warning signs of stress
  • Understanding the benefits of stress and how to make it work for you
  • How to use "TAP", a simple stress model for handling any stressor you face
  • Time management techniques to better manage your life and your job
  • Stress strategies to increase your productivity, vitality, success, and peace of mind
  • How to design a wellness program for personal growth, increased energy, and enhanced personal power
  • 5 ways to stop stress before it starts.
  • What leaders can do to create a more positive, productive work environment
  • Unique ways to reduce stress within their work environments (5 Ps)
  • Brain health for increased work performance
  • How stress can work for you in the workplace (positive stress)

3. Team Building for Better Success - Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

In this highly interactive group session, participants will be introduced to team building models that promise to create better ways to strengthen their team cohesiveness, communication and connection to increase work performance. They will learn how to better enhance relationships in their workplace and play a stronger role as a leader to create a happier, stress-free work environment as well.

These are some highlights of this session*:

  • Fresh ideas to stay motivated as team leaders
  • Key positive qualities of a great team member
  • How to create a better team vision for your facility
  • How to understand your work behavioral style and the behavioral styles of others
  • The 3353 rule of self-improvement as a team leader
  • How to establish team norms of appropriate behavior
  • Unique ways to create high performance teams
  • How to utilize celebrations to raise the positivity levels of team members
  • How to improve team leadership, influence and accountability among veteran and new employees
  • Ways to create energy and enthusiasm rather than discouragement
  • More effective ways to communicate, bond and build team trust to help move from being a team to a more winning team
  • How to understand and resolve team conflict
  • How to sustain motivation and team spirit to excel more in the workplace
  • A 5-step framework leadership model to build a better team and ensure ongoing success
  • How to boost team morale during changing, renewing times
  • The 5 Circles of Change and how to help your team members through organizational change

4. Managing Healthier Work and Personal Relationships More Effectively

Terrie Williams said, "Relationships have more to do with success than anything else." We live in a world of increasing workloads, higher stress, burnouts, and negativity. As a leader, do you think your team performs better when they are healthy and happier? It is a well-known fact that when people are overall happy with their lives, their productivity greatly improves. "Happy employees lead to happier customers, and happier customers lead to happier profits." Research also indicates that happiness is associated with higher selfesteem, more energy, more efficiency, more motivation, better health and a better bottom line. Life is all about relationships.

In this power-packed leadership program, you will learn ways to improve the quality of relationships with team members, significant others, friends, and family members. You will see how healthy or unhealthy relationships at home can impact workplace performance and vitality, and how to better connect with others by managing one's self first.

These are some highlights of this session*:

  • How to gain more knowledge about people to enhance better connections with others
  • How to create a happier workplace environment for personal and professional growth
  • 7 Secrets of healthy family relationships
  • 5 Relationship Rules you need to know so you don't need a miracle tomorrow
  • How to manage conflict on the job and at home to increase work performance
  • Importance of values in relationships
  • The Mirror Principle for assessing relationships with others
  • How to improve communications with coworkers to increase work performance
  • The L.A.D.D.E.R. model for better engagement with others
  • 10 Principles that govern healthy relationships
  • The 6 As for meaningful high-trust relationships in the workplace and at home
  • How positive relationships can improve health and wellness and increase vitality and energy

*Subject to change.

Sailing to Your True Leadership Potential Workshop Agenda

Friday Nov 27
Your Attitude Determines Your Success

6:00 - 7:30 PM

Saturday Nov 28
Mastering Your Stress for Better Success

9:00 - 10:30 AM

Sunday Nov 29
Team Building for Better Success Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

9:00 - 10:30 AM

Sunday Nov 29
Managing Healthier Work and Personal Relationship More Effectively

6:00 - 7:30 PM

Total = 6.0 Hours

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